Safe & Secure Paper Shredding




Don't Dread It, Shred It!

Protect yourself and your family from identify theft. We provide safe and secure document shredding.
We shred your documents on-site, within 24 hours* and provide you a Guarantee of Shredding Confidentiality Letter. Your shredding is immediately moved to a secure area, and during those 24 hours, your shredding will be behind locked doors, video monitoring and an alarm system for absolute security.

*Shredding dropped off on a Friday or immediately prior to a holiday will be shredded by the same time the next business day
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Once shredded, we take the shreds to a paper recycling company, so they never enter the landfill.
We charge by volume, using a Banker’s Box as our unit of measurement. The cost is $10.00 per Banker’s Box. We will prorate, so for example, half a Banker’s Box is $5.00. Common sizes and pricing are as follows:

  • $10.00 per bankers box (15”x 12”x 10”)
  • $12.00 per paper box (18”x 12” x 10”)
  • $18.00 per legal paper box (32”x 12”x 10”)
We have a good supply of gently used Banker’s Boxes that we are happy to lend you for shredding purposes.

All shredding must be brought to us neatly stacked in some type of box. No bags. If you bring your shredding in a bag please be prepared to transfer it to one of our loaner boxes.

Boxes with trash, mouse droppings, additional containers, and packaging materials may incur an additional charge or be refused all together. Staples, paperclips, floppy disks, CD’s, DVD’s and X-rays are ok.

When you arrive with your shredding, walk in and let us know. We have carts and are happy to unload it for you. We can do pickups, but there is an additional charge, depending on your location, call for details.

You may choose to view your documents being shredded. To do this, we need a 24-hour advance appointment to be made and there will be a $2.00 per box scheduling fee, as we are making sure someone is here exactly when you want your documents to be shredded.

High Sierra Reserves the right to refuse any type of shredding or material that we deem a possible health risk or that has the potential to damage our shredding equipment.