Work Smarter with eCopy PDF Pro Office



High Sierra Business Systems offers the eCopy® PDF Pro Office software that creates universally viewable PDF files. This software was made for the business user. Create PDFs, electronically sign documents, convert files, and so much more with this powerful software solution. With eCopy® PDF Pro Office, you'll produce more professional looking documents. You'll be working smarter and faster and enhance the security of your own and your client's sensitive information. Call (775) 883-6379 today.
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  • Create PDF files from scratch, from scanned documents, and from Word, XPS, Excel or PowerPoint.
  • Create searchable PDFs
  • Edit existing PDFs
  • Automatically scan and create a PDF into which you can type and save information
  • Create normal or fillable PDFs for use by anyone with Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download from Adobe)
  • Other users with eCopy® PDF Pro Office will be able to save typed data
  • Adobe Acrobat users will only be able to print, although you can prefill forms for Acrobat users


  • Combine, mix and match, and reorganize pages
  • Add or remove pages from various types of documents to create a PDF in the page order and with the exact content/pages you need
  • Rearrange pages with simple drag and drop


Compare PDF documents and automatically show differences. This is perfect for contracts, legal forms and the like to see if changes have been made to a file you've sent out and had returned.

Auto Search & Redact

Automatically search and redact names, social security numbers and other sensitive information. Also auto search, highlight, underscore, and cross-out. Auto search can even do pattern recognition for phone numbers, social security numbers, and more.

Bates Stamping

Automatically add bates stamps, numbers, letters, and compound IDs to any PDF or even an entire folder of PDFs at any position on the page. The Bates stamping process can even automatically reduce the size of the original pages, if needed, to provide room for the stamp without over-printing.

eCopy® PDF Pro Office PDFs can have

  • Fields with calculations
  • Validation of input data
  • Drop down option lists
  • Check-boxes
  • Radio buttons
  • Digital signatures
  • And more…

Other Functions & Advantages of eCopy® PDF Pro Office

  • Organize and manage libraries of clip art, stamps, watermarks, security profiles and digital signatures.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Windows, MS Word and Excel
  • Includes the most accurate table and MS Excel spreadsheet conversion
  • Convert documents FROM PDF format to Word (.doc/.docx), Excel (.xls/.xlsx), PowerPoint (.pptx), WordPerfect (.wpd) and XPS.
  • Takes up less computer hard drive space and is more economical (and more robust) than Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional
  • Produce more professional looking documents