Save Money, Space, Time & the Environment




Cut Costs, Not Trees: Go Green by Going Paperless

Evolving your documents to a paperless solution makes your operation more accurate and efficient. It also saves you money and makes things easier.

Save Money on Paper and Shipping Costs

By eliminating paper, you're reducing your environmental footprint by producing less waste and requiring less fossil fuel consumption from shipping that paper in and out of your office.

A Smooth & Clean Operation

Removing paper from financial processes like accounts payable, invoices, etc., speeds work flow and cuts the costs of processing invoices and other paper-intensive processes.

Multiple Offices – Eliminating Paper Centralized Theme

If your operation has multiple offices or traveling employees, removing the paper burden makes inter-office communication quicker and reduces the complexity of working on the road. Scanners and electronic data captured on the road make traveling easier as well as sending files back to the office. That means better collaboration among far-flung employees and fewer couriers rushing documents back and forth.

More Space, Less Waste

Don't waste your valuable office real estate on dreaded filing rooms filled with cabinets and paper. Eliminate the fees and maintenance of off-site storage and eliminate the transportation costs of getting items to and from an off-site facility.

Interesting Facts About Paper Consumption & Paper Costs

  • A typical business office generates about 1.5 pounds of wastepaper per person, per day! Doesn't sound like a lot, does it? Consider this...a typical ream of paper weighs about five pounds. That means an office of four people waste more than a ream of paper each and every day! A typical office works about 240 days a year, and a ream of paper costs $3.00, that's $720 year in waste paper for an office of just four people!
  • On average it costs about six cents to print a piece of paper. 240 reams of paper per year is 120,000 sheets of paper, at six cents per sheet printed, that's $7,200 a year wasted!
  • This is just what's wasted, a small percentage of the paper you print, use, keep and store. Imagine how much money you will save when you minimize your paper consumption by evolving your documents.

Arbor Day Foundation Tree Donation Program

Office Work — Office Technology in Carson City, NV
Canon reaffirms its commitment to product lifecycle management and sustainability by offering a fantastic promotion. In an extension of the Canon Forest Program, Canon U.S.A., Inc., working with the Arbor Day Foundation, will make a donation to plant trees in your customers' honor for every qualified Canon model purchased.

Canon and the Arbor Day Foundation will recognize customers who participate in this program by providing a certificate of appreciation for their purchase and acknowledgment of trees planted in their honor. A claim is required if you would like your customer to receive a certificate. However, if a claim is not received, the trees will still be donated.

This program reflects Canon's responsible product lifecycle management principles and our overall commitment to limit our impact on the environment by extending the lives of our products and conserving natural resources through reliable, high-quality remanufactured office equipment.

Each tree planted helps add new life where millions of trees have been lost, enriching the land, providing vital wildlife habitat, protecting soil and waterways, and - allowing our customers to leave a green footprint on the Earth for the benefit of future generations. Trees will be planted by The Arbor Day Foundation in United States National Forests.

Runner Avance Monochrome and Color Series - one tree planted per unit purchase